Using the Center



The goals of the Center are two-fold — to support a community of local and regional practitioners on a daily and weekly basis, and to accommodate occasional longer retreats, both for Zen groups and for groups of other spiritual practitioners and secular groups.

The facilities of The North Carolina Zen Center are available to host guest retreats for up to 20 participants in five dormitory rooms. Full meal preparation, lodging, and shower facilities are available, including a separate single room for a teacher or instructor.

As designed, the Center is best suited for spiritual or meditative retreats, and we have hosted retreats for many different groups and organizations, both spiritual and secular.  Please visit the Zen Retreats page to learn more about the facilities available for retreats.

To inquire about booking the Center for a retreat, please call or email us with your requirements.  We will be happy to discuss ways in which we might accommodate your needs.