Special Thanks to the Sangha

On behalf of the Teacher Search Committee I want to offer a gracious “Thank You” to all who assisted with or otherwise participated in making Teshin Matt Sweger’s visit a very pleasant time. As you know, Teshin is a candidate for the position of Teacher/Abbott with the NCZC. I believe we gave Teshin a good look at our community, and I couldn’t help but think that we have much to be proud of.

Teshin Matt Sweger at Sunday Tea

Teshin arrived on Wednesday, April 12 and departed on Monday, April 16.  During the six days of his visit Teshin had the opportunity to meet many of our sangha and get to know our Center, and he also got to see some of the surrounding area and some of the things that make living here so nice. He walked trails around the Center and by the Haw River. He took a tour around Pittsboro.  He took a drive through the countryside on a beautiful spring day and then got to visit Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

While he was here Teshin also gave Dokusan and Dharma talks at two services, one on Thursday evening and one on Sunday morning. On both occasions a good number of folks came to hear and meet Teshin.  On Sunday every cushion was full! I want to offer my personal thanks to everyone who showed up on both of those occasions.

Sunday at the Center

Sunday was particularly nice. The morning service was followed up with a wonderful potluck lunch and tea. There was lots of good conversation and community, great food, and lots of opportunity for folks to meet Teshin and speak with him informally.  

Potluck Lunch — A Fabulous Spread of Deliciousness!

The Board members, Search Team members, and Practice Committee members had several opportunities for detailed conversations with Teshin, both individually and in groups. Through it all it is safe to say that we were very impressed with Teshin, with his level of training, with his knowledge of Zen, with his ability to communicate that knowledge, and his very personable character.

We will be pursuing the next phases of the search process with Teshin, and we will keep you informed about any new developments. In the meantime, once again, thank you all for your efforts to support the teacher search process by making Teshin’s visit so nice!

In Gassho,

Jason Dowdle

Chair, Teacher Search Committee

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