New Years Eve Celebration and Holiday Hours

The North Carolina Zen Center will host a traditional New Year’s celebration on New Years Eve at the Zendo.  We’ll start with a pot luck dinner at 7:00pm.  You are welcome to arrive anytime after that and bring a dish if you like.  We’ll enjoy an informal meal and afterwards those who choose to will begin sitting in the zendo, without any bells or gongs.  Sit as long as you want, walk or take a break whenever you want, go home whenever you want.  And for those who have stayed to midnight, in accordance with tradition the big gong will be struck 108 times.  So come and join us for an evening of quiet sitting and socializing.  We hope to see you then!

Other than the New Years Eve celebration, the North Carolina Zen Center will be officially closed for the holidays on Thursday, December 22 and will re-open on Monday, January 2.  During this time there will be no formal scheduled services.  However, the Center is always open for those wishing to sit quietly in the zendo.  From all of the community of the NC Zen Center we wish all a holiday of peace and happiness.