What To Wear


What to Wear

Traditional sitting robes are welcomed, but are not required. For those who do not wear robes, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothing which doesn’t bind the legs. Also, it is recommended that you wear muted colors or dark tones, and avoid wearing any visible logos or graphics as might appear on a t-shirt.

The zendo may be cool in the winter, although it is not usually cold, so it is not necessary to wear heavy clothes. However, we do go outside for the walking meditation unless the weather is too inclement, so having a jacket handy can be nice. You may take one to your cushion and keep it behind you, to be put on at the beginning of the walking meditation.

The zendo is air conditioned in the hottest parts of the summer, but may still be warm in the summer. Please dress accordingly. Light clothing will be enjoyed, but wearing of shorts is discouraged.

Concerning ticks and chiggers: The woods around the Center produce these pests during the summer months. They seem to bother some folks more than others. If they bother you, you should avoid walking in the woods around the Center.

For those interested in purchasing traditional sitting robes, we would like to refer you to the following link: www.stillsitting.com