For Newcomers

Newcomer Tea

Whether you are a beginner in Zen practice, or simply a newcomer to the Center, the community of the North Carolina Zen Center welcomes you.

If you are just starting a meditation practice, or are unfamiliar with formal Zen practice, don’t worry. The Center maintains a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. Come and sit with us, and you will learn by doing. What is most important is that you take the first steps in your practice, and we welcome you to take them with us.

If you are a newcomer to the Center but are acquainted with formal Zen practice, the practice form at the Brooks Branch Zendo will seem familiar to you. However, each practice center will invariably have differences and so you may wish come early for an orientation.

Orientation for Newcomers

If you are new to the Center or new to practice, please call or email us to schedule an orientation before attending.

For all those who wish to learn more about formal practice at Brooks Branch, please visit any of the links below.

About Zen

Zendo Etiquette

What to Wear

On Chanting Practice

We look forward to having you come sit with us.