Committee Structure Draft Documents Posted

This is to let you know that the Board has posted draft documents concerning the Center’s new committee structure.  You will find them under the Governance tab at the top of the page.  Here’s a direct link:

Committee Structure Documents

We are hopeful that this upcoming meeting will begin the transition to the new future for the Center.  We are putting in place organizational structures on both sides of the Center’s institutional framework, the Operations side and the Religious Affairs side, which we hope will provide grounding, clarity and structure, both for the current situation wherein we have no teacher or director, and for later when those positions are filled.  We are looking to the Practice Committee to stand in for a teacher, then support the teacher once he is in place (and also review his/her performance).  Likewise, we are looking to the Facilities and Finance Committee to stand in for a director, and to support and review that person once he/she is in place.  Additionally, we will be looking to the Search Team to begin the process of finding a teacher.

Thanks for taking the time to review these documents.  We look forward to your feedback, either at the meeting or otherwise.




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