Upcoming Events

In addition to our regularly scheduled practice sessions, the North Carolina Zen Center hosts other events such as retreats, ceremonies and community work days.  Below you will find information about our longer-range schedule and upcoming events. Please check back from time to time to get the latest updates.


The Bodhisattva Precepts Class

Sundays 12:30-2:00 p.m.  Beginning February 25 (no class on March 4)

The ethical teachings are one of the three legs of traditional Buddhist practice, the other two being wisdom and meditation.

During this class participants will begin to explore the heart of the ethical teachings through the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts.  We will be using Robert Aitken’s “The Mind of Clover” as our study guide.

If you are thinking of taking the precepts (Jukai) this is opportunity to deepen your understanding of this important aspect of Zen practice before the ceremony.

Free for Members.  Non-member suggested donation is $60 for this 6-week class. To register click HERE


April Zazenkai – April 14th  8 a.m.-4 p.m.

With periods of seated meditation, silent walking, and Dharma teachings, an all day sitting is a great opportunity to deepen our Zen practice and our sense of community.  Out of town practitioners may consider staying overnight on Saturday in order to participate in our regular Sunday morning program the following day.  Suggested donation $15.   To register click HERE


Searching for the Essential

An Exploration of Modern and Traditional Meditation Practices Retreat

Friday April 27-Sunday April 29  (Orientation at 6 pm on Friday)

As meditative and contemplative traditions have come to the West, many of its practices have been secularized, commercialized and promoted simply as a wellness activity for mental health.  Many of the traditional religious aspects of Buddhism have been discarded or minimized. While some see this development as a positive step, others are critical and insist that modern meditation practices help people ignore important questions about existence and mortality by soothing the stress of modern life.

During this weekend retreat, we will explore the both the benefits and drawbacks of modern meditation  and traditional Buddhist practices.  The weekend will consist of periods of silent seated meditation, walking, dharma talks and discussions, and other traditional practices such as chanting and oryoki style meals.   For more information about retreats at the NC Zen Center, please visit the Retreats Page on the Center’s website.  Suggested Donation of $60 per day.  To register, click HERE.


5 Day Spring Sesshin May 17-22

Join us for our annual Spring sesshin.  We will begin on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. with an orientation and dinner and end on Tuesday afternoon by 1 p.m.  This sesshin will follow a traditional schedule of zazen, walking meditation, dharma talks and periods of yoga.  Dokusan (individual meetings with the teacher) will also be offered.  Vegetarian meals will be provided.  Part-time attendance is permitted but preference will go to those who can attend full-time.  Suggested Donation of $60 per day. To register click HERE


Introduction to Zen Workshop June 16
12:30 p.m.-4 p.m.

This introductory workshop is an opportunity to learn more about the principles and practice Zen.  Even if you have been sitting for a while, it can be helpful to review and perhaps learn something new.  We encourage anyone who has done an orientation at the Center to attend.  We will go over the philosophy, practice, and forms of Zen and provide participants an opportunity to ask questions.  Light refreshments will be offered.  Cost is 20$.  Please register HERE


General Information

Currently the Center is following a normal schedule, as indicated on the Schedule page.

The Center relies on volunteer help for its general care and maintenance, so there are always many large and small tasks that need attending to, including general tidying up and grounds care and maintenance, as well as many other opportunities to contribute time, skills and tools. Please contact the Center to find out what the current needs are and how you might help.

If you wish to contribute in any way, your help would be most welcome. Please call or email us for specific needs or other information.