Become A Member!

The North Carolina Zen Center invites you to become a Member!  It’s easy!


We offer three levels of Membership: General, Voting, and Fellowship.

General Membership
General Membership gets you on the Center’s mailing list.  You’ll hear about upcoming events such as Zazenkai retreats, visiting teachers and scholars, and all other events and programs the Center offers.  You will also receive periodic messages from the Center’s leadership, and you will receive the Kaihan, the Center’s occasional Newsletter.  Best of all, General Membership is free.  All you need to do is click here, or email the Center directly, to have your name added to the Center’s email list.  While General Membership costs nothing, it is the hope of the Center that as members come to know the Center and what it offers they will see the value of those offerings and will make occasional or regular contributions to help support the Center.  To make a secure donation through Paypal using your Paypal account or credit card, simply click the link below.

Voting Membership
For those wishing to have a closer relationship with the Center, the Center offers Voting Membership.  Voting Members receive all the same benefits as General Members, but also have the opportunity to have their voice heard concerning issues facing the Center as it grows and expands.  Voting Members, because of their special rights and responsibilities, are asked to make a sustained commitment to the Center including regular participation in Center events and activities.  Voting Membership also requires a minimum monthly contribution of $25 per month.  Those wishing to become Voting Members should contact the Center directly to request Voting Member Status.  You can make your monthly contributions at the link above, either individually, by month, or by setting up an automatic monthly contribution.

Fellowship Membership
Fellowship Membership is reserved for those who wish to make a substantial contribution to the Center but for one reason or another cannot make a commitment to attend events and activities.  Fellowship Membership gets you all the same benefits as General Members, but also gets your name included in the list of the Center’s benefactors, and the ability to serve on the Center’s Advisory Council.  Fellowship Members are invited to continue their support of the Center through their generous donations, which may be made through the Paypal link above.

For more information about the different classes of membership, please visit the Membership Guidelines page under the Governance tab.  The Center lives, breathes, and grows only through the generosity and involvement of its members.  We thank you!