Announcing the Winter 2016 Zazen-kai

Winter Zazenkai — January 15 – 18, 2016

The Center will host a three-day Zazenkai retreat beginning with orientation at 7 PM on January 15 and ending at noon on Monday, January 18, which is Martin Luther King Day.

The retreat will be conducted as a formal Zen retreat, in a manner similar to formal retreats and sesshins at other Zen centers. The retreat is open to beginners and long-term practitioners alike.

The schedule will consist of zazen, kinhin, formal meals, work practice, and Dharma discussion. Lodging is available. Please visit the Retreats Page for more information.

Cost for the retreat is $50 per night. Please contact the Center to reserve your spot prior to January 1 with a deposit of half the cost of your intended number of nights so we will know how many will attend and can plan for meals and lodging. Cost rises to $55 per night for bookings after January 8.


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