About The Center

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A Zen Buddhist Temple,
Practice Center and Retreat Center



The Mission

The Brooks Branch Zendo of the North Carolina Zen Center, also known by its temple name, Sosen-ji, exists as a place for the study and practice of Zen, in order to nurture a community of practitioners in the realization of the awakened mind and heart.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner with years of experience or a beginner interested in taking the first steps toward a meditation practice, we welcome you.


The Site

The Brooks Branch Zendo is situated on 15 acres of wooded land, in an area dominated by woods and rolling hills. The zendo and its associated buildings are nestled into a grove of tall pines and hardwoods, hugging the edge of a slight hillside overlooking a stream.

There is an abundance of wildlife in the woods surrounding the center. In the summer one might hear owls calling back and forth along the stream. In the fall it is not uncommon to sight whitetail deer moving quietly through the woods around the zendo. At all seasons the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, and the grounds are pleasant to view and to walk.


The Facilities

In addition to its core mission as a Zen Buddhist temple and Buddhist retreat center, the Center’s facilities are also available to other groups as a retreat center. The Center is currently equipped to handle retreats with up to 22 participants, with more capacity available in the future.

The heart of the Center is the meditation/chant hall, which provides a simple, spare but comfortable atmosphere for practicing meditation. It can accommodate up to 24 people in sitting meditation and is surrounded by a covered walkway which may be used for walking meditation.

Adjacent facilities include a full, restaurant-style kitchen capable of providing for retreats up to the capacity of the Center. In addition there are five dormitory rooms, each capable of sleeping up to four. The newest addition to the Center is a shower house with separate facilities for men and women, including handicapped access.

For more information about the Center’s facilities, or to inquire about using the Center for a retreat, please call or email us.