Using The Center
The goals of the Center are two-fold — to support a community of local and regional practitioners on a daily and weekly basis, and to accomodate occasional longer retreats, both for Zen groups and for groups of other spiritual practitioners.

To meet these ends the Center has put in place a multi-stage plan for the Brooks Branch Zendo, based around the construction of six major buildings. Currently four have been completed, and the final two are in the planning stages. When completed the North Carolina Zen Center's Brooks Branch Zendo will be one of a small number of fully developed Zen practice and retreat centers in the United States.

Though not yet complete, The Center is currently fully operational, and in addition to providing ongoing meditation and instructional sessions several days a week and longer Zen retreats four times a year it is available to host retreats for outside groups with the necessary accommodations and facilities to provide a supportive, contemplative atmosphere.

The facilities of The North Carolina Zen Center are available to host guest retreats for up to 20 participants in five dormitory rooms. Full meal preparation, lodging, and shower facilities are available, including a separate single room for a teacher or instructor. To inquire about booking the Center for a retreat, please call or email us with your requirements.
The North Carolina Zen Center is a non-profit entity. It has been built through the kind and generous contributions of time, labor, skill and money of many individuals and organizations. The Center is actively seeking funding for the final construction phases. Should you wish to contribute, all contributions are tax-deductible. For more information about how you can support the facility and help it reach its full potential, please visit the Support and Fund Raising pages, or call or email us.