Many people have given in order to create this Center, and this Center is our gift of the Dharma to others, and to those who come after us. The North Carolina Zen Center is a non-profit entity which is supported entirely by donations. Without the contributions of its many supporters it could not exist.
Ways You Can Donate

There are a number of ways to support the Center. Donations may be made directly to the Center itself. Cash and checks are accepted. Checks should be made out to The North Carolina Zen Center. Contributions may be mailed or may be made in person at scheduled services and events by leaving them in the Dana box at the Center.

The Center also gives you the opportunity to direct your contribution to one of several areas. You can designate a gift to the Center to be directed toward the General Fund, which is used to cover the ongoing day-to-day upkeep and operation of the Center. You can also specify your gift go to the Building Fund, which is used for ongoing and future construction of the final phases of the Center's development. Finally, you can make your gift directly to our teacher, Sandy Stewart. The Center is a 501(c)3 chartitable organization. Gifts to the General Fund and Building Fund are tax deductible. If you choose to donate online you may designate to which fund you wish your contribution to go.

Online Donations

The Center accepts on-line donations through Click & Pledge, and PayPal. You may follow the adjacent links and use your credit card or Paypal account to make your secure tax-deductible donation immediately. Please keep in mind that it is very helpful for the Center to have a measure of predictability to its finances. Committing to a small monthly donation is greatly appreciated. You can do this informally, or through Click & Pledge or PayPal, or by direct arrangement with the Center.



The Center also asks that you remember us in your will. A simple statement can be added that will allow you to designate a part of your estate to the Center. For an example of language that might be used, click here. For more information about the needs of the Center, or about how to make a bequest, please contact Sandy Stewart or the Board of Directors directly. Your gift to the Center can help this growth of the Dharma in America continue to thrive year after year.

Other Ways To Contribute

Finally, the Center looks to its members for help with many small and large tasks. There are several work-weekends scheduled over the course of the year where practitioners are invited to share whatever time and skills they have to help finishing and maintaining the Center. And at any time there are many small jobs needing the attention of someone, whether it be building a shelf, making a curtain or mowing the grass. What can you do to help?

Also, construction has begun on the final main building of the Center, and this will mean that there are always small and large jobs and projects in need of manpower and womanpower. Please contact Matt Young at the Center to find out what the current needs are and how you might help.

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