The following is a brief collection of links that might be helpful to those practicing or interested in practicing Zen, or learning about Zen. The centers listed below are ones with which we maintain close relationships.

The North Carolina Zen Center is happy to consider adding other links to this page, and is interested in maintaining reciprocal links to other centers, groups and resources. Please feel free to email the Center or contact the Webmaster with suggestions for this page.

Zen Centers
Upper Valley Zen Center
Blue Ridge Zen Group
Mountain Cloud Zendo, Santa Fe
Puget Sound Zen Center
Retreat Centers
Southern Dharma Retreat Center
General Information
Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library — This site contains links to a vast amount of Zen-related and Buddhist material including sutras, texts, lists of practice centers, lineages, current Buddhist scholarship, book reviews and much more.
Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai — This is a link to the site of "The Society for the Promotion of Buddhism," founded by Reverend Dr. Yehan Numata. Dr. Numata was a very successful Japanese businesman who devoted much of his life to promoting world peace by bringing Buddhist teachings to the world at large. Here you can find a large and growing collection of translations of Buddhist sutras and other texts.
The Pali Sutras - Readings in the earliest Buddhist sutras containing the teachings which form the core of all Buddhist traditions.
The Diamond Cutter Sutra - A new translation of the Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita by Paul Harrison.
The Sasaki Archive - This is a site which was created to record the sayings and doings of Joshu Sasaki Roshi. Recently it has become the forum for those wishing to discuss long-standing allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct by Joshu Sasaki in his position as Roshi and Head Abbott of the Rinzai-ji network of Zen Centers.
Sweeping Zen - One of the best Zen resources on the Web, featuring articles and blogs by prominent Zen teachers around North America, and generous amounts of useful information for Zen practitioners and those interested in Zen.
Still Sitting Meditation Supplies
Zen Terminology - A useful list of many of the terms in common use at Zen Centers.