KAIHAN               Winter 2002
North Carolina Zen Center                                     919-542-7411
283 Quartz Hill Road                                               http://www.nczencenter.org/
Pittsboro, NC 27312-6592                                     NCZENCENTER@prodigy.net

Regular Practice at Brooks Branch Zendo on Ironwood Road

Thursday from 7 to 9 PM    Sunday from 10 to noon followed by tea until one.
Tuesday from 6 to 6:45 AM
Starting February 1st, morning sitting will be Monday through Friday, 6 to 7 AM.

The Bathhouse

 Materials for the next step in plumbing have been acquired with the sales tax refund Jim Cameron helped us secure. There are plans for retired and active plumber friends to gather to do the work soon. We  have received $2300 towards the $3200 needed for the windows and doors, and plan to install them before the March work weekend.

New Yearıs Eve Event

 Roxanne Henderson, who organized this yearıs evening reports: ³The New Year's celebration and fund raiser at Brooks Branch Zendo was enjoyed by all who came. Seventeen folks, some sangha regulars, some long time students of Sandy from out of town, and a number of first time visitors enjoyed a meal together -- portabello mushrooms, wild rice, cassoulet, and more --followed by chanting and sitting. At midnight, 108 rings of the big bell in the courtyard brought in 2002. Then everyone returned to the kitchen and we broke out the champagne and sweets. The lights did not go out until close to two a.m. Many thanks to all those who contributed food, money, and good spirits. We raised more than $600 for the building fund and had a great time enjoying old and new friendships.²

On the Web

 Linda Campany is now e-mailing  people current news and events at The Center. If you would like this network service please notify her (LindaCampany@aol.com).
 The new web site is wonderful and Jason Dowdle deserves much gratitude for the hours he volunteered to put it together.
 A new organization, Zen and Business, (http://www.zenandbusiness.com) has also put itself in a position to help the Zen Center. Any purchases made through links from their store page to Amazon.com, Office Max, Dell Computer, Delta Airlines, American Express, Iomega, Microsoft, and Carolina Morning Designs (meditation supplies) will generate a varying percentage of purchase price donation to the center.  For more detailed information contact Drew Dunn through the ZandB web site.

Sesshin Schedule

There will be a sitting weekend April 11-14, and a work weekend March 28-31 at Brooks Branch. The suggested donation for each event is $25/day and you are urged to  exercise consideration for the kitchen and register before  the shopping lists are made. Please contact the NCZC through the phone or addresses above.
The spring sit at Flattop Mountain in Virginia will be Memorial Day weekend May 24 - 27. Please contact Bill Stephens : 434-973-5435, 4425 Advance Mills Rd, Earlysville, VA, 22936 or pinetree@adelphia.net. the fee is $60 plus dana for Sandy.
 A week long retreat will be held at Southern Dharma from June 29 - July 6, 2002. To register contact Southern Dharma Retreat Center, 828-622-7112, 1661 West Rd., Hot Springs, NC 28743; sdharma@main.nc.us


 In 2001, 38 persons contributed as members, plus many who donated $50 or more to the zendo without specifying "for membership."   The great news is that we were able to pay all the bills!  We invite you to renew your membership for this year.  Already 4 persons have sent in their $50.  Thanks all around.

How the Self Appears & Disappears

In your sitting, consider Nagarjuna's analogy, equating "consciousness" with your self:

  "Just as the birth of a child is said to occur
  In dependence on the mother and father,
  So consciousness is said to arise
  In dependence on the eye and material form."
  (from The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way by Jay Garfield)

Also consider that the same is true for the other 5 sense organs and their objects, including mind and thoughts. And just as the self repeatedly appears, so, in the ordinary course of things, it repeatedly disappears, in dependence on the seamless relationship of eye and material form, etc.


  Thanks to the large number of you who have contributed to the support of the center and its teacher.
 Will Ruggles, Douglass Rankin, and John Iler have all recently contributed books to the Zen Center library which is temporarily in the pantry. Most books may be freely borrowed.  We ask that you sign them out on the sheet provided and bring them back in timely fashion.
 We also received monetary donations  to the building fund from Davenport Films, the William Ewing Foundation (thanks to Grace Ewing Huffman), Ed Ryan, David Dyer, Bob & Jean Greensfelder, Drew Dunn, Cliff Mansfield, Jim Whiteside, Barbara Crane, Margaret Lundy, Michael & Jennifer Armstrong, Sally Fri, Lisa Richey & Stefano Ponte, B.J. & Dina O'Brien and John Fitzgerald. You all are building something wonderful!

Fund raising suggestion from a committed member

 Sandy recently received this e-mail.  Please keep possibility alive by joining him in saying "OK!"
 ³To move forward on the Dorm construction at the Center, we need $300,000.  We have over 300 people on the mailing list.
  If each of three hundred people committed to raising $1000 over the next year, we would meet our goal.
 Over the next 12 months, this would mean each person should raise $84.00 a month or a mere $2.68 a day.
With 300 people at $1000.00 each, that is three hundred thousand dollars! And the dorm is built!
  Let's make a commitment over the next 12 months to raise $1000.00 each toward this construction goal. ³

Truck Sale

 In order to trim expenses, the Zen Center wants to sell the '84 Chevy 4 wheel drive pickup with camper shell so generously donated by Philip Castevens.  Call Sandy for details.


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