KAIHAN Winter 2004
North Carolina Zen Center 919-542-7411
390 Ironwood Road http://www.nczencenter.org/
Pittsboro, NC 27312-6754 info@nczencenter.org

For the full daily practice schedule check the web site or call the Center.

There was a major crash of the computer at the Center so if a communication has gone unanswered, or contribution unacknowledged please forgive us.

Sandy’s tentative and still incomplete schedule for the upcoming year is:
Feb. 12-17 Santa Fe (Mountain Cloud) contact
Apr. 15-18 Zen Weekend at Brooks Branch Contact the Center please.
Apr. 23 - 25 away
May 28 - 31 Flat Top, Please contact Bill Stephens : 434-973-5435, 4425 Advance Mills Rd, Earlysville, VA, 22936 or pinetree@adelphia.net. the fee is $60 plus dana for Sandy.
June 20 - 26 away
June 30 - July 5 Southern Dharma To register contact Southern Dharma Retreat Center, 828-622-7112, 1661 West Rd., Hot Springs, NC 28743; sdharma@main.nc.us
Sept. 2 - 6 Santa Fe (Mountain Cloud)
Nov. 12 - 14 away

From Sandy
Often people who come to interview mention having a problem with their thoughts.  They may be too numerous or too unruly.  Typically, these persons express the desire to control their thoughts.
In the early 1970’s, when my teacher, Joshu Roshi, began to leave Rinzai-ji (then Cimarron Zen Center) in Los Angeles to travel and do dai-sesshin (7 day practice with the Roshi) with groups far and wide, many of the students left behind felt lost.  We had become accustomed to his being there 24/7/52, giving sanzen (koan interviews) morning and evening, and teisho (talk by a Roshi manifesting Zen) twice a week.  “What will we do when you are away?” we asked. 
He replied, “Read the Diamond Sutra during sitting.” 
“And when we finish that, then what?”
“Read it a hundred times!”
I don’t believe I have read it a hundred times yet, but on my recent trip to Mt. Baldy for a dai-sesshin with the Roshi, there was an opportunity for a number of readings of the first few chapters.  I was appointed to be the joko (assistant to the jikijitsu [time keeper]).  Every day, before teisho, we two and the tanto (senior monk) would leave the zendo and spend about ten minutes reading the text for the talk.  It so happens that the Roshi is lecturing on the Diamond Sutra.
The sutra begins with Subhuti, one of the Buddha’s disciples, asking how persons on the Way should control their thoughts.  Buddha answered that such persons should produce a thought  “I must lead all beings to Nirvana.  And when I have lead countless beings to Nirvana, actually not a single being has been lead to Nirvana, because I should not allow the thought of a being to arise.”
I hope this is clear to everyone, and that we will all put it into practice. 
If you have any questions, please ask!

  From Linda Campany: “The New Year's Eve dinner and celebration was successful with 23 people attending. We made $720 as all the food and drink were donated. Many thanks to the donors: Roxanne Henderson, Jennifer Armstrong, Carol Prokop, Carol Hewitt, and Zingo Munger at Santee Distributors. Thanks also to Kalo Baron whose intentions were to cook, but she got sick and couldn't come, and to Andrew Ekbard, who was holding a solo retreat here and was very helpful to me in setting up, and to Catherine Boston who helped me afterwards.
Jennifer also decorated the zendo in addition to bringing a delicious salad.
When we work as a team, things get done. Hooray!!!!”

Thanks to this and other fund raising successes at the year’s end we have paid our construction debt to the Youngs and are in the clear. The current fund raising is for slightly over $4000 to buy the rest of the windows and doors for the staff house.
To which end there will be another Burrrito Bash at the General Store in PIttsboro on March 8th from 8-10PM featuring the Pittsboro All Stars (also known individually as Steve Wing, Mahlon Hoard, Beverly Botsford, and Robbie Link) playing their jazz.

The contributors since the last Kaihan are: Judith Ferster, Woody Setzer, John Baugh, Roxanne Henderson, Catherine Boston, Jason Dowdle, Dennis Lennox, Bill and Ellen Mortensen, Nora Safron, John Fitzgerald, Jennifer Armstrong, Joe Kenlan, Robert and Susan Simons, Kalo Baron, John Iler, Mark Faurer, Barbara Gordon, Susan Crozier and Mark Humphreys, Andrew Ekblad, The Ewing Foundation, and the Cardinal Trust.

Richard Bradbury, Drew Dunn, Pam Berger, Linda Campany, B.J. and Dina Obrien, Lyle Estill, Jay and Kirsten Coghlan, Stacy Emerick, Melody Ivins, John Baugh, Keye McCulloch, Bill Stephens, Judith Ferster, Tim Sussman, and Be Gardiner have renewed or initiated their memberships. We thank them all.

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