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 There will be a zazenkai at the center from supper March 13 until lunch March 19. Suggested donation for the entire week is $175 but part timers are welcome. The per diem donation is $25.  Dana to Sandy will be additional. Sleeping facilities are still catch as catch can with much floor space under roof in the multi-purpose building. Please send a deposit by March 6th if you are planning to attend.
 Sandy will be out of town Thursday, Feb. 6, Sunday, Feb. 9, Sunday, Feb. 26 and Sunday,March 2.

Sandyıs report from Puerto Rico Sesshin with Roshi

 After surveying the kitchen on the evening before the dai-sesshin, I became afraid that I would not be able to cook for  40 people.  I had not cooked for a sesshin for 25 years.  I'm old and forgetful.  In bed that night I lay awake worrying.  The next morning I found three small stashes of oatmeal (1 minute, 3 minute and 10 minute varieties). This made a suitable quantity for our group. We had about 25 pounds of papaya for the second bowl. For third bowl, all I could find was about one cup of almonds that we served chopped with a teaspoon and instructions to the servers to make them go around.  
 After breakfast, the tireless, multi-tasking shika did an emergency shopping trip, and from then on we had plenty of food to prepare.  Our kitchen team included two others with plenty of cooking experience.  Things went fairly smoothly from then on.  We could do it.
 At the end, the Roshi commented, "The reason people were happy with the cooking was that you gave your love to the food."  
 This has become my current guide: give my love to everything.

Fund Raising Efforts

 A wide variety of fund raising efforts have been made and we are grateful for the results of all of them.
 Nelson Foster and Jack Shoemaker, the editors of the compendium The Roaring Stream, were kind enough to give us permission to print a small booklet of their translation of Seng-Tısanıs Relying on Mind. By now all of you have received one and have responded with donations of approximately $2500.
 The annual New Yearıs Eve dinner event was also a success with twenty people coming to eat, sit, and toast the year passing as well as the year coming. $600 in donations were made.
 A little over a year ago the web site Zen and Business announced that the Center would receive donations from several e-businesses for purchases made after linking through from their site. To date only about 25 books have been ordered from amazon.com which would have netted us $9.43 except for the fact that they only cut checks for over $25.
 More successfully, one of our members has friends who, although they live far away, have  an interest in the dharma and are willing to match his donations of time, materials, and money. This is a technique that others might copy to expand their abilities to help the center.
 Contributors since the last Kaihan are: John Fitzgerald, Catherine Boston, Woody Setzer, Be Gardiner, Linda Campany, Roxanne Henderson, Jennifer Armstrong, Barbara Gordon, John Iler, Bill Stephens, Jim Stephens, Mark  Feurer, S. Silverstein, Melody Ivins, Lisa Ritchey, Stefano Ponte, B.J. and Dina OıBrien, Leslie Nydiek, Preston Boggess, Susan Love, Jerry and Diane Humphreys, Enko and friends, Dennis Lennox, Harold Younger, David Dyer, D.& J. Melcher, Princeton Zen Center, Naila Gazale-Lowe, Cliff  Mansfield, Robert Winot, Anonymous,  Greg  and Sarah Krieve, Ann Roy, Joan Berman, Todd Bishop, Jeff Duffey, Chas  Myers, Kirsten and James Coghlan, Heidemarie Weidner, Judith Ferster,  Karen Fitzgerald, Ellen Shunkai, Bill Mortenson, Gary Snyder, Walter Powers, Edgar and Rita Kahn, David Chandek-Stark, Joe Kenlan, Walter Pharr, Bill Compton, Kalo Barrow, Tim Peck,  Barbara Crane, Jennifer Potts, Yvonne Trostli, Doug Lorie, Leela and Jim Ellis, Robert Simons,  Jefferson & Jane Creek, Carter & Madeline Smith, Richard Bradbury, Susan Crozier & Paul Humphreys, Douglass Rankin and Will Ruggles, and Jason Dowdle.  Thank you all.

From Drew Dunn, President of the Board of Directors

 Drew has a new job as an Area Manager for Terminix and wrote the following about one of his early experiences there: ³ I will leave you with a funny incident from our recent Christmas party last Monday. There are three secretaries in the Southern Pines office and they bought me a gift. We had a bunch of people from all the various offices up for this party and they wanted me to open the gift during the party. So I opened the present and they had purchased me an "Executive Zen Garden" complete with a tray, white sand, 6 small polished rocks and a little rake to rake the sand - I am sure you have seen it. Now, they don't know me from Adam, much less my zen interest, and someone in the back of the party yelled out, "What the hell is Zen?" A hush fell over the room waiting to see what my response was (I guess the assumption was that since I now held the gift, I must know what it means) and it just struck me right then as I laughed and
said "I am ready for the Christmas cake." Everyone just smiled  and joined me for some delicious chocolate cake shaped like a Santa. Probably the best answer I ever gave.....²
 The Buildings
 The multi-purpose building has been rough wired for electricity and telephone. Mattıs latest report is ³ We should find out any day now from the county building inspectors whether we can go ahead and finish the apartment end of the building for occupancy prior to finishing the remainder.  There's a chance the hebel wall we put up inside will suffice as a fire wall, which is what they are looking for.  Anyway, in the meantime I've ordered the windows and door for the apartment end, which should be here in another two weeks.  The gas line pressure test is on hold until we know how many lines we'll need to test.²
 And several days later Kim added ³The new building permit is not yet in hand, but it's looking likely that we'll be able to get a seperate permit for the apartment end of the staff building allowing us to finish construction and get a certificate of occupancy for that end first.  With the recent donations that have come in the last month, we are very close to being financially able to finish that end.  Matt and I are so excited at the idea of being able to move in to the apartment sooner giving us more space and privacy for our growing family.  Please pass along our thanks to those who made recent donations. Some of them being very generous and all being very appreciated!  
 And several days later the news has come that a provisional occupancy permit will be granted contigent on a ³four hour fire wall.²
 For those of you might not know, Matt and Kim are expecting a baby girl in late spring.


 The Board has decided to accept contributions in three categories: to the teacher, the general fund, and to the building fund. This approach will allow donors to specify where their dana will be employed. So, if you wish to support Sandy and his role at the Center please send donations directly to him or specify your desire when you send monies to the Center. The General Fund will be used to meet ongoing expenses for the existing structures and organization and obviously, the Building Fund will be used to support construction costs.
 Please when you send donations indicate to what fund you are contributing.

New Yearıs Eve Celebration

Roxanne Henderson writes ³About 20 people participated for the evening, which began with a spicy Indian curry feast at 8 PM. After dinner (and the boisterous communal clean up of the kitchen) there was sitting. Following the midnight ringing of bells, the group chanted the Heart Sutra three times, actualizing peace. The evening concluded with a very social hour of champagne, sweets, and laughter, during which the Osho survived a close encounter with a high-speed champagne cork.  Thanks to all who came, contributed food, and made donations.²


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