KAIHAN                  Summer 2002
North Carolina Zen Center                                             919-542-7411
390 Ironwood Road                                                         http://www.nczencenter.org/
Pittsboro, NC 27312-6592                                             NCZENCENTER@prodigy.net
 For the full daily practice schedule check the website or call the Center.
New Multi-use Building
 After several weeks of septic system planning and advising by Mike Gallant and reviewing by the Chatam County Board, construction began on the new building that will have an apartment for the Youngs, rooms for transient visitors, and an office.  Kim and Matt are overseeing the project and supplying a major portion of the labor and financing. Linda Campany has been the cook for all helpers as they come and go.
In one day of Piedmont heat  Joe Kenlan and his crew: Josh, Jason & Mike, put up the entire concrete block foundation wall. They were helped by not only the Youngs but Joe Cole and three generations of  Dunns.
Drew, the middle  Dunn has made his labor available on several occasions since. Catherine Boston and Be Gardiner spent some time at the Center to help the Youngs get the final courses of hebel block on and the window and door bucks installed.
And on August tenth the roof trusses went up. There was a huge crowd helping that included Andrew Wright,  Steve Wolford, Lenore Yarger, Jennifer Armstrong , Jason Dowdle , Michael Brown , Vance E. Dunn , Shane Zimmerman , Matt Young , Kim Young, Aline Kala, Julian Sikes,  Joe Cole, Jerry Humphreys, Drew Dunn,  Jim OšKeefe and several dogs.  Linda Campany and Jin Shing worked throughout the day in the kitchen.
Currently the roof is being finished and the Youngs are preparing to have the floor poured.
Bath House
 The interior of the bath house has been slightly redesigned to meet the requirements for handicap access and the modifications have been completed and the inspection requested. Sandy's efforts here and persistence in working with the building inspectors' office is greatly appreciated.
 Many people responded to the recent fund raising mailing. We are grateful not only to them but also to all the people who have donated time, money, and materials: Cliff Mansfield,  Harold Younger,  Mary L Adler, J & K Coughlan, Michael Miciak, Mike Massey, Ephraim Ramirez, K Jardine,  Jim Cameron, Dennis Lennox, Southern Dharma,  Amy & Scott Durso, Enko, Nancy Mullins, Terence Gooley, Jim Barefoot, Kathy Hall, Robert Simons, C.& M. Egerter, Jim Whiteside, Roxanne Henderson, Chizo Wagner, Walter Pharr, Caroline Gardiner, Barbara Crane, Linda Campany, David Dyer, Drew Dunn, Woody Setzer, Ann Roy, John Iler, Marina Jones, Melody Ivins, Jeff Duffey, Be Gardiner, Heidemarie Widner, and Catherine Boston.
Southern Dharma
Nineteen sitters attended the retreat this summer at Southern Dharma. During the week enthusiastic work crews were able to do a thorough clean up of the landscaping and build a rock retaining wall three feet high and seventy feet long. They were also able to experience daily qi gong class under Chas Myers, a long time student of Sandy's and a qigong instructor.
Sandy spoke on the koan of Dai-Tsu-Chi-So Buddha who sat in the meditation hall for ten kalpas and "did not attain satori".  Mumon comments " I admit what our old barbarians (Shakyamuni and Bodhidharma) realized, but I do not admit that they discriminate that they have realized it."
Events Schedule
Nashville, TN  Sept 13 - 15 Contact, Bill Compton, billcnbarbw@mindspring.com     615-255-7715 for more information: http://www.nashvillezencenter.org/events.html
Santa Fe, NM Sep 26-29 Contact Chris Worth at  505-820-9965 or  471-2554 or cworth13@earthlink.net
Pittsboro, NC Oct. 10-13  sitting weekend at Brook Branch Zendo, Contact the NCZC
Sandy is currently talking on Edward Conzešs translation of the Diamond Sutra which is available in book form with extensive commentary or on line as just original text and translation at  http://home4.pacific.net.sg/~tend/Diamond.htm.



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