KAIHAN                                             Summer 2000
North Carolina Zen Center                                     919-542-7411
283 Quartz Hill Road                                             NCZENCENTER@prodigy.net
Pittsboro, NC 27312-6592                                     http://www2.emji.net/~nczen

Regular Practice at
Brooks Branch Zendo on Ironwood Road
Thursday from 7 to 9 PM    Sunday from 10 to noon followed by tea until one.

Fall Weekends            September 8-10 and October 12-15
   A fall work weekend has been scheduled for September 8-10. There will be opportunities for workers of all skill levels to participate and the suggested donation is $60. Those who will be able to help should notify us at least a week in advance to facilitate planning of jobs and meals.
  The fall  Zen Weekend will be at Brooks Branch from 6 pm Thursday, October 12th until noon, Sunday the 15th.  Suggested donation for the event is $75. Those interested in attending should send a deposit by October 7th in consideration for the person shopping for food. Note that although there will be work periods, this is not a "work weekend."

Buildingsı Progress
  June 15-18 work weekend contributors were Linda Campany, John Fitzgerald, Gary Wheaton, Barbara Gordon, Jenny McLauren, Sandy Stewart and Karen Fitzgerald.The following week John , Sandy, and Barbara were joined by Be and Ezra Gardiner.  We are grateful for the work they all accomplished and for our nearest neighbors, tool sharers, and helpers: Jim Cameron and Kathleen Jardine.
  The kitchen building has passed its rough-in inspection and is now ready for the finish work that will complete the interior. Pronya Yegorov who supervised the chant hall deck will be building another around three sides of the kitchen, completing its exterior. The pump is in so we have water, and the clearing has begun for the septic field.
  Jim Cameron is working on the final drawings for the bathhouse and Sandy has located a contractor who will do the actual building. There are approximately $50,000 in the Building Fund which should be sufficient to complete both the kitchen and the bathhouse.
  Next to be built is the three story dormitory building containing an office ³check-in² area, a floor for a dining room /library/lounge, and another for sleeping quarters. The total square footage is 3500 which, at an approximate cost of $100/sq.ft., becomes a need for $350,000.
  During the summer retreat at Southern Dharma Sandy spoke of this cultureıs difficulty in asking for money. He linked it to our discomfort with how others may perceive us and suggested that we use this situation as an opportunity to practice  "just asking", and being free to receive whatever response is given.
  Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars is not a lot of money.  We appreciate all your contributions , whether they be money, stocks, ideas or assistance in generating donations. The Zen Center is a non-profit organization so all the normal tax exemptions apply.
  Be Gardiner sends these thoughts:²I remember distinctly the moment when, as I returned from another visit to the neighborsı well, I realized that the jumbled mass of hurricane downed trees, scrub woods, and tangled vines were gone and that  instead of seeing just the immediate board or nail or block in front of me I could see the buildings, a center in progress. I have worked on several construction projects during the last thirty years but this is the first given freely to no-self and it is different. There is a learning in such practice. Things are still quite rough, the scent of construction site will fill the air  for years. The need for labor and materials seems without end.    But much has been accomplished.
  So, to those of you who have given of time and money before, thank you, and please, give again. For those of you who have missed those opportunities, your chance is ever renewed.²

Sandyıs Travels

  From Lisa Ernst in Nashville comes ³After attending a sesshin with Sandy at Southern Dharma  Center last summer, I suggested to our sangha, the Nashville Zen Center, that we invite Sandy to lead a fall retreat here.  He accepted our invitation and last September we all had the chance to meet him. Our extended sangha of about twenty consists of a number of seasoned students as well as some enthusiastic newer ones. We appreciated Sandy's down to earth, accessible teaching style enough to invite him back for spring and fall weekends this year. We're also in the early stages of planning a seven day retreat for the summer of 2001 to be held at a beautiful site on a lake near Nashville. If we pull it off, we hope some of Sandy's extended sangha will be able to join us.²
  From Barbara Gordon about The Flattop Sesshin
³Good Morning"  What worries do you have when you hear "good morning?" None!
One more weapon in your arsenal to pierce the self.  Like the busy Tibetan wife and mother who repeatedly noticed her self being born each time she opened her eyes, we too can use this simple practice to perforate the dual world and become clear.
Words from Flat Top where fourteen sitters made and listened to no sound.
Gongs and cow bells, our ears.  Mountains and wild flowers. our eyes. Peppermint tea, our mouths.  Fresh wet fog, our nose.  Each other, our hearts and minds.²
  Sandy also led a weekend for ³Beginnerıs Mind and Body² at Southern Dharma as well as the annual circa July 4th ³Independence Of Zen² sesshin there.

Sesshin Schedule

Pittsboro, NC September 8-10 and October 12 - 15. Contact NCZC (see above).
Flattop, VA, November 3-10.Contact Bill Stephens : 804-973-5435, 4460 Advance Mills Rd, Earlysville, VA, 22936 or pinetree@adelphia.net
Nashville, TN, December 1-3 at Center Lake. Contact the Nashville Zen Group, Bill Compton, 1221 6th Ave., Nashville, TN 37208 or Lisa Ernst: 615-371-5441, lisa@lisaernst.com

  The address lists, both for e-mail and regular, have recently been transferred into a different computer system. If anything is amiss please let us know. Our aim would be to deliver as many Kaihanıs as possible electronically in order to harbor the resources of the Zen Center and the planet so if you would like to get your copy that way and are not already doing so please contact Be Gardiner : ambez@fastransit.net.

  We need a computer of Pentium speed that works with MS Word, Access, Excel and Outlook. If you can donate a new one, or are looking for a place that can benefit from the one you are replacing, please contact Sandy.


  The Center still has premiums available in response to Building Fund donations. Possibilities and suggested donations are:
Bumper Sticker "I’D RATHER BE DRIVING" with Zen steering wheel (enso) - $5
100% beeswax, hand-dipped, tapered candles, from local hives (including the Stewartsı)  ³a delightful, clean fragrance² - $10.00 a pair.
SANDY SAYS --a handmade booklet compiled by local Zen students-- $25


  We are thankful for cash contributions. Those who have supported the building projects since the last Kaihan are: Cliff Mansfield, Kim Goolsby, Mary Whitman, Linda Campany, Matt Young & Kim Simons, David Kell,Shunkai &Seizan Mortensen, Lisa Richey & Stefano Ponte, Joe Kenlan, Mary Lee Adler,David Dyer,  J.Stilwell, and Kay Lizee.

For Bowing
Several years ago we published this verse to accompany the bows after chanting but in response to a request we print it again.

 NYORAI SHORAI SHO KU JAKU               The bower and what is bowed to are empty by nature;
 JISHIN TASHIN TAI MU NI                          This body and the other body are not two;
 GAN GU SHUJO TAI GEDATSU                  Bow with all beings to attain liberation,
 HOTSU MUJO I KI SAN PO                         To manifest unsurpassable mind and return to          
                                                                            boundless truth.

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