KAIHAN Spring 2004
North Carolina Zen Center 919-542-7411
390 Ironwood Road http://www.nczencenter.org/
Pittsboro, NC 27312-6754 info@nczencenter.org
For the full daily practice schedule check the web site or call the Center.


If only we could keep
the self that knows the pain of losing a child
we wouldn’t easily, if ever,
go to war.


Upcoming retreats are:
May 28 - 31 Flattop. Please contact Bill Stephens 434-973-5435, 4425 Advance Mill Rd
Earlysville, VA, 22936 or pinetree@adelphia.net. The fee is $60 plus dana for Sandy.
June 30 - July 5 Southern Dharma. To register contact Southern Dharma Retreat Center,
828- 622-7112, 1661 West Rd, Hot Springs, NC 28743; sdharma@main.nc.us
September 10 - 11 Nashville Zen Group. Contact Nat Brown 615-268-4081.
September 24 - 26 Cornish Flat, New Hampshire. Contact Chas Meyers, PO Box 60, Cornish Flat,
NH 03746.
October 7 - 10 Brooks Branch Zendo
October 21 - 24 Mountain Cloud Zen Center, Santa Fe. Contact Susan York and Chris Worth, 1215 Lujan, Santa Fe, NM 87501 syork5@earthlink.net

The March 8 Burrito Bash organized by Joe Kenlan was a wonderful night of great music, great food and great atmosphere. The band provided some really good jazz that filled the room and lifted everyone up with some very cool improvisation from the piano to the bass to the drums and sax - great stuff.
  The food was delicious, as always, and the room was full of talk and laughter as we had a good turnout of folks to support the Zen Center cause - the nights fund raising turned in $854.00!!
  Sandy gave a short talk on the nights festivities and made a wonderful tie in with Zen and jazz that made us all smile.
  Thanks to everyone who helped put this night together.

The spring sitting weekend was attended by 17 sitters. Sandy spoke on the 9th case in the Mumonkan, “Dai-tsu-chi-so Buddha” giving us a focus for our sitting as he talked about the buddha who sat in the meditation hall for ten kalpas. The work periods saw the doors hung in the multi-purpose building as well as innumerable other household, groundskeeping, and maintenance jobs accomplished.
It is always satisfying for sitters to come together, to receive their tea in silence, a motion of a hand signaling sufficiency, to chant as they open their bowl sets, to move in step through kinhin paths, to sit together. Thanks to all who attended and to the officers that supported our practice.
Also, at the spring weekend Chas Myers who has known and practiced with Sandy since long ago in the New Mexico days, and who now lives in New Hampshire and still makes it to practice regularly with this sangha, was ordained as a monk. His dharma name is Sui Tei. He currently is holding sittings in downtown Lebanon, NH and is working on a zendo for retreats on the land he and his wife Jill own in nearby Cornish Flats (see schedule above).

On May 7th and 8th Sandy went to West Jefferson in the North Carolina mountains to dedicate a new zendo. Although sitters have had the opportunity to gather at Greystone for several years this was the official opening. Sandy spoke on Friday evening of his own experiences coming to Zen practice and answered questions from an enthusiastic audience. The next morning sixteen of us, including not only local people but also Phillip Castevens, Catherine Boston, and Barbara Gordon, gathered at 5:30 for a morning of formal practice before the afternoon dedication ceremony.
Sandy took the opportunity, on behalf of the Zen Center, to give Be Gardiner a kesa and zagu. Later in the afternoon, standing with the kesa tied over one shoulder, zagu draped across his arm, Be was once again reminded of the great gift Zen practice has been for him. “Thank you all.” Gassho!

Informal Saturday work days continue with the current focus shifting to drywall hanging in both the bath house and the multi-purpose building. On May 1st a large group gathered with a drywall lift and tall pile of sheet rock and began. The bath house ceilings were finished and the walls started. There was also a lot of moving of things from place to place and the many hands were occupied. The painted and shelved tool shed was full but Matt has worked out more efficient storage since then. It’s great to have a dry place to store the lawn mower. For the latest day of work thanks to Sandy, John Iler, Dan Glaser, Jeb Greenberg, Matt Young, Barbara Gordon, Kenny OHara, Be Gardiner, and, of course, Linda Campany who fed us all.
Other workers since the last announcements are: Jason Dowdle, Kim Young, Harold Chen, J Doster, Shiang Ling, John Baugh, and Michael Brown. Matt and Kim Young also deserve our thanks for hanging all the windows in the multi-purpose building.
Kim has begun nursing school, so Matt is taking care of Samana, now nearly one year old. Matt says he would work on the building projects anytime during the week that someone could help take care of Samana. Get in touch with Matt at the center if you are able to help.
Sandy has mentioned that he would like to hear from anyone who would like to help finish hanging the sheet rock. Saturdays are best. Please give him a call or an e-mail well ahead of time if you are interested.
Since the winter Kaihan contributions have been made by the following: Roman Loewen, Melody Ivins, Anna Madden, Woody Setzer, Jennifer Armstrong, Jason Dowdle, Matt and Kim Young, Caroline Gardiner, Michele Berger and Tim Keim, John Iler, Pam Berger, Jeff Creek, Andy Barnhart, Tim Sussman, Dan Glaser, Barbara Gordon, Be Gardiner, Joe Kenlan, BJ OBrien, Miriam Angress, Richard Allen, Linda Campany, Kalo Baron, Roxanne Henderson, Chas Myers and Jill Johnson, Shiang Ling, Harold Chen, Christel Greiner, Bevin Suits, Charles Schultz, Robert Simons, Dennis Lennox, and Leila Webster.
Joe Kenlan, Catherine Boston, Dan Glaser, J Doster, Cliff Mansfield, John Iler, and David Dyer have inaugurated or renewed their memberships.
Gifts have been received from several directions. A coat rack and towel bar have been donated by Tim Sussman, a guest room bed with trundle from Matt and Kim Young, an old tankha from Yvonne Trostli, and John Iler keeps us supplied in tea.
Our thanks to all.

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