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it is so easy
falling into a red leaf
it makes me laugh
              -Tei Taku

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Tokudo Shiki
 Kim and Matt Young were ceremonially ordained as monks on November 3 at Brooks Branch and received the dharma names Kin Shin (Golden Heart) and Ma Shin (Polished Mind) respectively. The evidence of their commitment to the practice is everywhere at the Center and we most heartily cheer for them.
"[The ordination was] a real confirmation of what Iım doing in my life and what I think is the most important thing for me to be studying and devoting my life to," Kim Young said.
As Matt Young described it, "Without [Zen] practice, my life is like breathing exhaust fumes. With practice, itıs like breathing fresh air, breathing pure oxygen.
"Once you get a taste of something thatıs so clear and true, to live without it, you feel like youıre missing something," he said.

Memorial Garden
An area to the east of the zendo has become a memorial garden, a place where ashes may be spread or buried and markers may be installed. Jane Ketsu En Kesslerıs memorial stone has been relocated there from Squirrel mountain and the ashes of Louis Faurer have been placed there by his son Mark. Louis was a man who took photographs of people in the streets of NYC during the decades of the 1940's and 1950's. His pictures will be on view at The Chicago Art Institute as part of an upcoming traveling exhibit.

New Multi-use Building
 The floor is poured and the interior partition framing was installed during the sitting weekend. Next will come the wiring which is slated to be done the week of November 19th.

Bath House and Zendo
 Both the bath house and Zendo passed their current inspections.
Thanks to Sandyıs perseverance and with some help from Matt Young, Amelia Bare, and Be Gardiner the doors of the Zendo were all reversed, retrimmed, and repainted and the building passed its final inspection. Itıs been five years since the footings and foundation were built and okayed.
The bath house inspection was of rough in wiring and plumbing, including special consideration for handicap access. Having received the building inspectorsı okay it is now ready for insulation. We are very grateful to Tom Kreutzer who has supplied the toilets and lavatories.

Work Day
 There was a work day on September 27th  which brought out a welcome infusion of labor. Melody Ivins spent the day sorting and cataloging the library. Once again, except as noted on the shelves, you are welcome to borrow the books. Just sign them out in the small notebook available. Matt and Kim Young continued with the concrete reinforcing of the courtyard retaining wall. The yard itself is completely filled and level. We are extremely glad that these two have come to the Center with their enthusiasm and willingness to work long hard hours. Linda Campany and Jerry Humphreys were able to transplant another truckload of bamboo and sow the courtyard grass that is now so lush while Amelia Bare cleaned every surface in the Zendo and still had time to help her husband Be Gardiner paint the retrimmed doors. All were glad of Roxanne Hendersonıs activities in the kitchen.

Other Events
B.J. Oıbrien took the precepts in a ceremony on September 22. He came down from Charlottesville with his wife Dina and daughter Leslie. Welcome!
On October 6th the Center hosted a musical event featuring Dave and the Divas, the music ranged from  folk, through country, and covers of Beatle songs to a samba performed in Portuguese. Lunch was served to raise money for the Center.
And on October 19th Jade Pierce was generous enough to contribute her talents as a chi gong instructor in another fund raising event.
Ten sitters participated in the Fall Sesshin which was punctuated by torrential rains and brilliant blue skies. Sandy spoke on several sections of the Diamond Sutra, reminding us that his teacher Sasaki Roshi said it could be profitably read at least a hundred times, and that he, Sandy, was always stimulated by it at each reading, an experience similar to always being refreshed by a carrot juice at the Weaver Street Market.

The following have generously made contributions since the last Kaihan: Woody Setzer, Be Gardiner, Linda Campany, Roxanne Henderson, Jennifer Armstrong, Barbara Gordon, John Iler, Bill Stephens, Mark Faurer, Susan Silverstein, Preston Boggess, B.J. O'Brien, Jerry Humphreys, Jason Dowdle, Enko and Friends, Dennis Lennox, Harold Younger, and David Dyer.

Excerpt from Dharma talk
 Iıve said this a number of times. Youıve heard it often. There are six paramitas which are tools or practices or vehicles to take us beyond. ³Beyond² meaning beyond our differentiating self into undifferentiated consciousness where everything is one Self. Prajnaparamita is usually thought of as the last or highest or most exalted or most advanced and difficult of them.
First is Dana, like the dana box, giving or charity.
Then there is Sila. Sila is usually translated as precepts. And so living in such a way as not to harm others as also a way to go beyond.
Then, effort. Energetic. Enthusiasm.
Patience. Ksanti. So patience takes us beyond.
Then Dhyana. Which means Zen. Weıre doing Dhyana practice. Meditation.
Then Prajnaparamita is sixth. Interesting enough, the Buddha said that patience is the most important quality.
So, PrajnaparamitaŠ..wisdom which has gone beyond.
Donıt feel like this sutra is saying youıre no good if you donıt always go beyond. Itıs emphasizing the wisdom which has gone beyond. Itıs important to develop that part of our potential. To become complete persons. And the Diamond Cutter Sutra, it becomes clearer and clearer, is giving us a tool to help us go beyond. This is the tool that the wisdom which has gone beyond is not the wisdom which has gone beyond.  Itıs not just understanding or a description of our experience. Itıs hard for me to put into words. I always fall back on peanut butter sandwiches. If you have an image of a PB sandwich, a memory of the satisfaction, whatever, in that way, understanding and knowledge is not true wisdom which has gone beyond.  

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