In addition to our regularly scheduled practice sessions, the North Carolina Zen Center occasionally hosts other events such as retreats, work days and work weekends. Also, Sandy's teaching responsibilities occasionally take him away from the Center for brief periods of time.

Below you will find information about our longer-range schedule and upcoming events, and information concerning Sandy's attendance. Please check back from time to time to get the latest updates. You will also find useful information in the most recent Kaihan.

Upcoming Events
Autumn 2014 Sesshin at Sosen-ji
Thursday, October 23 — Thursday, October 30

The Center will host its annual Autumn Sesshin beginning with informal dinner on Thursday, October 23 at 5 PM, and ending at 2 PM on Thursday, October 30 following clean-up after lunch.

"Sesshin" is the name given to periods of intensive, closely structured Zen practice. This retreat will be conducted in a manner similar to formal retreats and sesshins at other Zen centers and monasteries, including periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, chanting, work practice, formal meals, interviews with Sandy, and Dharma talks by Sandy.

The retreat is open to persons with all levels of experience including beginners, as well as to part-time participants. Instruction will be available for newcomers. Lodging will be available for part-timers but preference will be given to full-timers. You can visit the Retreats page of the Center’s web site for much more helpful information concerning Zen retreats at Sosen-ji.

The cost is $45 per night. Please send a 50% deposit by Friday, October 10, to reserve a seat and help with planning meals. The cost rises to $50 per night if you send your deposit after that date. Financial help and scholarships are available. Please contact the Center directly by phone or email for more information.

General Information
Currently the Center is following its normal schedule, as indicated on the Schedule page. Please come and participate in the Triangle's only Rinzai Zen center.

The Center relies on volunteer help for its general care and maintenance, so there are always many large and small tasks that need attending to, including general tidying up and grounds care and maintenance, as well as many other opportunites to contribute time, skills and tools. Please contact the Center to find out what the current needs are and how you might help.

If you wish to contribute in any way, your help would be most welcome. Please call or email us for specific needs or other information.

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