You may change the amount and nature of your gift in support of The NC Zen Center anytime prior to your passing;

You can direct how your bequest be used;

You retain control over the assets for the duration of your life;

You can delay the gift to The NC Zen Center until after the occurrence of a specific event such as the death of your spouse or children;

You may provide for the care of your loved ones before The NC Zen Center receives any portion of your estate.

Bequests under your will or living trust provide estate tax relief to your estate and may enable you to provide larger benefits to your loved ones since charitable gifts are not taxable.

Please consider sharing your plans to benefit The NC Zen Center via your will or living trust with us. Doing so allows us the opportunity to express our appreciation for your support of the Center.

We will be glad to assist your estate planning advisors by providing the appropriate foundation name and language to assure that your gift will be used according to your wishes. If you are planning to make a bequest to The NC Zen Center, the following language may be helpful to you and your legal advisor:

Unrestricted Bequest:

"I give to North Carolina Zen Center, Pittsboro, North Carolina, the sum of $____ {OR ______ percent of my estate, OR the following property _____, OR the remainder of my estate}. This gift may be used for the general enhancement of North Carolina Zen Center {or you may designate a particular purpose}".

Endowed Bequest:

"I give to North Carolina Zen Center†the sum of $_____, {OR _____percent of my estate, OR the following property _____, OR the remainder of my estate}. The gift shall be known forever as The _____ Endowment. The income from this gift, but not the principal, shall be used to {state purpose}. The principal of this Endowment may be merged with other investment assets of the Center and shall be subject to the income and spending policies of the Center}."

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Will or Living Trust Bequests

A bequest is the easiest and most common form of planned giving. You may make provisions for the North Carolina Zen Center in your will or living trust by designating either a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, which gives you several direct benefits: